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tree of lifePurely Unbaked is the manifestation of my life-long love of nature combined with a more recent understanding of how foods impact our minds and bodies.

At Purely Unbaked, our goodies are raw and organic. Raw means the food remains in a pure state – nothing is heated above 118°F. This ensures the food retains wholesome enzymes and nutrients so that every bite provides nourishment for your body. Organic means the foods are grown without harmful chemicals or GMO’s. More and more research is linking disease to chemicals and GMO’s, so Purely Unbaked takes every precaution to avoid them.

When I began eating “clean” (raw, organic, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan), I really missed the sweets. So, I began experimenting by taking the confections I loved and making some serious substitutions. Those sweet successes led me to purchase my first dehydrator and expand my repertoire. It was exciting to have desserts that fit into my desired way of eating. As family and friends became interested in my creations, they wanted some for themselves. As they began to enjoy them and share them with their friends, demand grew beyond what I could casually make in my spare time.

Ultimately, it was while I was on a yoga retreat in Bali, that I truly realized my passion for unbaking. After a week of clean eating, “Bali style,” the women on my retreat were really missing the sweets from back home. And I was really missing my kitchen! So, I sourced and purchased the best organic, local ingredients I could find and with the help of the resort’s kitchen staff, crafted some unbaked treats for everyone. I learned two things: 1) Finding cupcake papers in Bali is harder than you think and 2) Yogis love chocolate! This experience solidified for me that these treats had a place outside my circle of family and friends.

So now, Purely Unbaked offers you the raw organic treats that made people smile here and halfway around the world, and I like to think that you can taste my love and respect for pure, honest nature in every bite!

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  1. Wow! All of these desserts look amazing! And since they are healthy too I will be buying one of each to find my favorite. Congratulations on your new business!! /-)

  2. I really enjoyed the Cocochoconut Macaroons, these give Macaroons a make over. A tasty morsel leaving a great chocolate taste in your mouth and then you realize all the ingredients are pure and good for you. A dessert with no guilty feelings attached, what a pleasure. Thanks.

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