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Uncle Mike’s Backyard

As a girl growing up in Illinois, my Uncle Mike taught me to love and appreciate nature, as well as the things made simply from it.

Our summers were spent walking through my grandparent’s farmland in search Native-American artifacts that were plentiful on the property. When we found something, he explained how the Native-Americans used the items – they took only what they needed from the earth and put it to good use.

We also took nature walks deep into the woods. Along the way, he educated me about the indigenous plants and animals that we came across and their place in the forest’s ecosystem. The more I learned about nature, the more I appreciated it.

This love of nature has stayed with me into my adult life and has motivated me to study the health benefits of natural foods. I have a strong belief that healthy foods are what build healthy minds and bodies. I strive to eat raw and organic as much as possible and often share what I have learned with others, along with my associated passions.

Last year, I shared my passion for raw, organic, unbaking with Uncle Mike. He promptly sent me the best gift ever – one GIANT box of unshelled pecans! They came directly from a tree on his property and have never been touched by fertilizers or chemicals of any kind. They are amazing! It takes several hours to shell enough pecans for a single pie crust, but it is so worth it! The resulting treasures that have been created from these special pecans have inspired me to seek many more “untouched” ingredients.

I’m very thankful to my Uncle Mike for caring enough to send me those pecans, but I’m even more grateful for the things he has taught me and where they’ve taken me so far…

Uncle Mike and a hummingbird

Uncle Mike and a hummingbird

Organic Pecans

Organic Pecans from Uncle Mike’s Woods